Plant's Nowdays

The present days of the enterprise

Kerch Metallurgical Complex, LLC is the biggest enterprise in Ukraine specialized in production of steel enamelled cookware and transfer decal as well as plastic and mechanical rubber goods for rail transport. The plant was founded in 1900 and is one of the oldest enterprises in Ukraine.


The steel enameled cookware is made of high-quality steel, thickness 0,5-2,0 mm, covered by two layers of heat-resistant enamel. Ecologically pure coloured enamels used for manufacturing provide high non-corrodibility.

Today the combine lets out more than 150 names of products. Assortment of the enameled cookware is diverse and distinguished under the form, color scale, decorating and conforms to inquiries of consumers of different target audiences. The plant constantly updates assortment of production, considering wishes of buyers and tendencies of the market.

Competitive advantages

Key competitive advantages of the enameled cookware made by Kerch Metallurgical Complex are:

  • the covering from enamel protects food from penetration of ions of metal;
  • flavouring properties of products are not deformed;
  • enamel coating is alkalis and acidproof;
  • the enamel surface is bacteriostatic, faultless in questions of hygiene and easy-to-clean.


Capacities of the plant allow producing 19 thousand tonnes of cookware and 12 million sheets of decal per year.


All products have the Ukrainian and Russian certificates of quality and conform to the state hygienic requirements and specifications. At the enterprise the system of a quality management according to requirements state standard specification ISO9001-2009 is introduced.


The markets

Nowadays more than 60% of production is realized on export. Thus the cookware is in demand in the CIS countries, the Europe and Baltic.