Kerch Metallurgical Complex, LLC presents new line of cookware “elite” with the glass lid and stainless steel fitting.


This set consist of 3 cylinder-shaped saucepans:

  • Cylinder shaped saucepan with a lid 1,5 l. 72304-352/4.01
  • Cylinder shaped saucepan with a lid 2,3 l. 72304-382/4.01
  • Cylinder shaped saucepan with a lid 3,0 l.72304-122/4.01

Steel enameled cookware is traditionally made of high quality metal of thickness 0.5-2.0 mm. covered with two layers of heat resistant enamel. Ecological pure coloured enamels providing high corrosion firmness are used for the production of steel enameled cookware.

You can buy products of “Kerch Metallurgical Complex” in retail chain or from official dealer.


“Kerch Metallurgical Complex” LLC — is the leading enterprise in Ukraine, specialized on production of steel enameled cookware, transfer decal as well as plastic goods and general mechanical rubber goods for railway transport.